Working With a Quality Concrete Supplier

The quality of the concrete used in any project plays a significant part in the building’s durability. This is why you have to find a reliable name when choosing a concrete supplier for your construction project.  

An experienced concrete supplier has plenty of experience and can deliver the product on time without any delay. Aside from the quality product, professionals are also easy to deal with and can provide you with a fast and smooth transaction. 

If you are looking for the best concrete suppliers that deliver around Nottingham or surrounding areas, Erewash Concrete will make a perfect choice. We are a reputable concrete supplier that provides high-quality concrete and outstanding customer services to clients. Regardless of their construction project’s type and size, choosing us for your concrete needs guarantees satisfaction and peace of mind throughout the process. 

Trusted Concrete Suppliers in Nottingham 

Established in 2008, Erewash Concrete has built an outstanding reputation among our clients. Since then, we have been focusing on helping our clients build high-quality and long-lasting structures. Being in this trade has helped us learn the importance of providing high-quality products and delivering them to clients on time. 

We always aim to provide quality service, and to arrive on time on the agreed schedule is one way to achieve that. We have a fleet of volumetric lorries to deliver concrete to different locations without delay. These adapted volumetric lorries are a massive help in calculating the right amount of concrete to provide to clients. They are a massive help for clients to save money and reduce the amount of time spent clearing up the site. 

Another advantage of hiring us for your concrete needs is saving on labor costs. Our lorries are equipped with flexible concrete chute to pour concrete directly into the area where it is supposed to be applied. This means a lesser need for extra labourers to carry the mixed concrete from one location to another. The concrete we deliver is freshly mixed onsite to ensure a successful construction. 

Give us a call today if you wish to book an appointment or enquire more about our concretes and aggregates. You may contact us at 01773 819 660, and our knowledgeable staff will be more than happy to provide you the information you need. 

What Are The Advantages of Using Ready Mixed Concrete 

Innovation in the construction industry is a massive help in the performance and efficiency of everyone working on the trade. One of the innovations that made it possible for builders to create more durable and sustainable structures is ready mixed concrete. 

Gone are the days when so many people are needed to mix concrete on site manually. Now, all you need to do is make a phone call, and your concrete supplier will deliver the freshly mixed concrete on-site and drop it in the area where it is required.  

What are the incredible advantage of using ready mixed concrete for your construction project? Check out below. 

It Saves Time 

Mixing concrete manually on-site requires a large labour force and takes a lot of time. But with ready mixed concrete, all you have to do is place an order according to the concrete measurement requirements. 

The mixed concrete will then be delivered to you using volumetric lorries. The mixture is mixed thoroughly while travelling to the construction site.  This eliminates the waiting time and allows you to straight away get to the job.  

Consistent quality of concrete 

Volumetric concrete mixers allow perfect measurement and mixture of the concrete materials. So you can expect the same amount of quality throughout the mixing process. 


One of the reasons why construction projects cannot finish on time is the delay in materials. If you don’t choose ready mixed concrete, you have to go through all the hassle of acquiring the raw materials, scheduling, delivery, mixing, etc. 

With ready mixed concrete, you can have high-quality fresh concrete delivered at the right time so you can continue with the job smoothly and finish on time. Concrete suppliers are all aware of the importance of not delaying concrete delivery. So you can be at ease knowing the concrete will arrive on time, within the timeframe you have agreed upon ordering. 

Eliminates wastage 

One of the fantastic advantages of ready mixed concrete is that it reduces the risk of concrete wastes and ensures that the raw materials are used optimally. The high-technology volumetric mixer can maintain perfect measurement of the concrete mixture throughout the process.  

Environmentally safe 

On-site concrete mixing increases the risk of wastage and dust emission, making it unsafe for the environment. We all want to ensure a safe, eco-friendly method in your construction. In that case, ready mixed concrete is the best and safest alternative. 

Ready Mixed Concrete Specialists 

If you are looking for high-quality and durable ready mixed concrete for your construction project, Erewash Concrete is the answer. Contact us today and let our specialists take care of the rest.  

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