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More than any other materials, concrete is one of the most essential in construction projects. From the building’s foundation to the beams and slabs, concrete is needed everywhere.  

Aside from the fact that concrete is highly durable and long-lasting, it is the most cost-effective and safe for the environment. Its versatility – the capability to be molded into any shape or pattern – makes it the most reliable, locally sourced building material. 

Do you have a building project, and you are looking for a supplier to deliver freshly mixed concrete on time and at a cost-effective rate? Erewash Concrete is the answer. We are concrete specialists providing high-quality and highly durable concrete for different types and sizes of construction projects in Nottingham and surrounding areas. 

Trusted Concrete Specialists in Nottingham 

For many years, Erewash Concrete has been delivering fresh concrete to various construction projects in Nottingham. We provide concrete for all sizes of public, industrial, commercial, and residential construction projects. We have a fleet of volumetric mixers to provide freshly mixed concrete suitable for any construction purpose. 

As a company, we are known for our high standard of service and our commitment to provide clients with nothing but only the most suitable solution to their concrete needs. Aside from our top-quality concrete, our specialists also offer honest and expert advice should clients need or request them from us.  

No matter how small or big a construction project is, we can deliver the right amount of concrete. Our specially adapted volumetric mixers are designed to help us calculate, mix, and deliver the right amount of concrete needed for a specific project, so you will only be paying for the concrete you use. 

Each lorry comes with an extendable chute to drop the mixed concrete directly at the point where it is needed, saving you time and energy on the job. This will not only prevent waste but also saves money and time for clearing up. 

To ensure our availability, you may book our service in advance. But we also do same day or next day delivery service for areas in Nottingham and nearby. 

Request our fresh mixed concrete by dialling 01773 819 660. For enquiries and non-urgent concrete requests, you may fill out the enquiry form on this website. One of our specialists will get back to you the soonest time possible. 

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